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YACHT  JOINERY  LLC  specializes in custom interiors, decking, flooring, furniture, inlays, and structurally-artistic features for yachts, ships, corporate boardrooms, luxury hotels, and other industries.  Our western-owned and managed facility is in Thailand, and all of our team have previously built for and done yacht installations.  We are an experienced shop of yacht-joiner craftsmen, carpenters, shipwrights, and finish specialists.

We can build from nearly any wood, modern laminate, or other material such as structural honeycombs, but our specialty is the finest golden teak from Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.  These woods are in demand with many restrictions placed on the export of raw timber.  With our facility in Thailand, Yacht Joinery is in a unique position to supply yacht builders, yacht refitters, and other industries with quality interiors, decking, and furniture made of the world’s finest teak.  Our quality craftsmanship, beautiful materials, and deep-lustrous finishes integrate seamlessly into any custom application.  We only use the finest bonding materials and applied finishes.  We produce quickly but never take shortcuts.

Finished pieces are carefully crated and secured on skids for easy loading and unloading.  We use climate-controlled shipping containers to ensure that our fine joinerwork stays in perfect condition.  Our representative will meet each shipment for quality-control inspection and advise the factory of any discrepancies or damage, and if needed we will expedite a replacement piece.

Custom teak decks can be built to order in interlocking sections to ensure easy shipping and flawless fit onboard.  Our marine plywood is custom made for us, and we offer high-tech composites and lightweight materials along with a variety of woods from around the world.  We can produce individual pieces, room modules, or the entire interior from stem to stern.

Granite, marble, and other stone surfaces can be completed and installed here.  Our metal fabrication shop is able to produce custom stainless-steel and aluminum work for curved and spiral staircases, or other structurally-artistic features.  We can also produce custom wood inlays from your drawings, photos, or artwork that you own.

We highly recommend that your interior designer or decorator comes to Bangkok and selects from the finest stones, silks, art, and other amenities that would enhance any yacht’s interior.  They would be met at the airport by our in-house Design Coordinator, with driver, who will escort them and translate at the many fine shops and wholesalers available throughout Bangkok.  Anything purchased or ordered can be left in our care for vigilant packing and shipping to your project.  We also offer complete design services for interiors and furniture if you do not already have an interior design or concept.

Thailand is a wonderful country, and its people have centuries of experience producing fine woodwork, silks, and other arts by hand.  We may use modern tools and software, but the final result is from the care and skill of the artisans who create it.

Please contact us to find out more about the value and savings we can offer your business or vessel.

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